Please Note: Property has stairs to every room .

About Ponderosa Ridge A Bed & Breakfast

Ponderosa Ridge A Bed & Breakfast started as an idea and became a reality when the perfect property was presented to the current owners, Bill and Bonnie. Bonnie had been talking about opening a bed & breakfast in a peaceful area for some time, and Bill supported the idea. All they needed was the perfect property to start their business. After some time, their realtor  found a place that suited all of their needs.

Because of the 3-acre apple orchard on-site, and the quiet, comfortable atmosphere, Bill and Bonnie bought the current property to become Ponderosa Ridge A Bed & Breakfast. With the enthusiasm of the Apple Hills Growers Association, Bill and Bonnie got right to work on their beautiful establishment.

On Friday, July 13, 2018, Ponderosa Ridge A Bed & Breakfast opened its doors and has been a contributing part of the community since. 
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Meet the owners:

Bill and Bonnie

Bill and Bonnie met on eHarmony and connected over their love of square dancing. Bonnie had been square dancing since 1974, but Bill was newer to it. After going on a few dates, Bonnie started joining Bill at his square dancing classes as his "angel" or helper. They quickly danced into each other's hearts.

Bill and Bonnie tied the knot in April of 2012 and have been going on adventures together ever since. Ponderosa Ridge A Bed & Breakfast is their biggest adventure, and they hope you enjoy your stay. 


Ponderosa Ridge offers dozens of relaxing and entertaining amenities.

Discover some of our most popular activities like walking through the apple orchards or having a soak in the hot tub. 
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Gift Certificates

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Our Policy page gives answers to any questions you might have about our establishment.

These rules are set in place to keep all guests safe and happy during their stay.

What real breakfast should taste like

When Bonnie was looking into starting a bed and breakfast, she visited one in hopes to gain some inspiration. Bonnie and her mother stayed overnight, and the next morning they received "breakfast." Berry soup, to be exact. Nothing cooked, nothing baked, just berries mashed together. Bonnie turned to her mom and said, "I believe I could do a better job making a REAL breakfast," and the desire to start her own bed and breakfast grew.

Now, all guests who visit Ponderosa Ridge rave about Bonnies mouthwatering breakfasts. View the menu on our Breakfast page.